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Grow in Faith

Grow in Faith:

Are you searching for something in your life? Are you looking for a deeper connection with God?

If you are, we hope you’ll join us at Blue Ridge Presbyterian as we seek to grow in faith through our worship, study, service and fellowship. Through our worship – in prayer, preaching, song and sacraments -- we strive to develop a deeper understanding and commitment to Christ. We also aim to nurture our faith through study – on Sunday mornings and during the week. For some, the most direct way to a closer relationship with God is by collecting food for the needy, filling sand bags in St. Joe to help avert flooding, joining the CROP walk, going on a mission trip or serving people in some other way in God’s name. Others may deepen their faith through our fellowship activities with one another – be it a dinner together, softball, a circle gathering, bridge or more.

And you? You may find that some mix of the above, with God’s grace, will lead you to a richer, deeper, life-centering faith. More than that, you may bring a gift or experience to Blue Ridge that will enable others to draw closer to the Lord. Together, we will strive to love the Lord with all our hearts, and with all our soul, with all our minds and with all our strength (from Mark 12:30).