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Build Relationships

There’s a lot of brokenness in the world. We can read about it on a grand scale around the globe or in our own city or neighborhoods. And there’s brokenness at the one-on-one level. Divorce. Being estranged from a relative. A rift at work. A lingering grudge with a once-close friend.

Sometimes life is so busy we don’t have much time for relationships. We’re either racing at work or racing to get kids here or there. In the midst of all the to and fro, there’s not much time to catch up with one another.

Or there may be times when we’re alone. Sometimes it’s because we’re new in a community and haven’t been able to make friends yet. Maybe it’s because a medical condition keeps us at home and we feel cut off.

Whatever the case, many of us hunger for relationships. God is all about relationships and at Blue Ridge, we strive to “Build Relationships with People in Christ.” We aim to do that through worship, study and as we serve God. And we also seek to build relationships through small groups which always have an open door. So come on in. And help us experience the love of God through our relationships with one another.

Click links below to find out more about opportunities to build relationships. (Maybe you’d help us start a new group?)